Caravan L



The largest model.


The biggest variant has two separate compartments and is meant to transport stuff that is dirty like motorcycles. As a cause of the separate compartments your stuff can be stored inside at night. In the front of this caravan there is a small kitchen that consists of: a kitchen sink, a tap with cold water, a gas cooker for two pans/kettles and a built-in fridge, that works on gas or electricity (12 V or 220 V).


The luggage compartment is large (in the back you can stand in it) and it has the ability to transport two motorcycles or four bicycles.


The caravan is narrow (width 206 cm (6 feet and 9.1 inches)). When this caravan is empty it weighs roughly 950 kg (2095 pounds) and can carry at least 450 kg (992 pounds).


The construction is built on a robust standard frame with a solid braked axle with a carrying capacity of 1450 kg. The construction consists of a steel frame covered by aluminium. On the inside it's finished with insulating material and panels. This construction is solid, strong and robust. This caravan can be struck by lightning and still be completely fine!