Caravan S



The smallest.


This variant has in contrast to bigger models only one compartment. This model is made to transport only 'clean' sports attributes (without dirt or the smell of petrol). The bench, table and bed are foldable which gives a big luggage/transport compartment. When you fold the table and benches away, you can already store the stuff. The bed is untouched which means you can still sleep inside. In the front of the caravan is: a little kitchen with a gas cooker for two pans/kettles, a kitchen sink, a tap with cold water and a built-in fridge that works on gas or electricity (12v/220v).


The luggage/transport compartment is large and can store two or three bicycles.


The caravan is compact, light with makes it easy to use with any car.In this caravan you can store a little more than 150 kg (although this does depend on the variant).


This caravan is built on a chassis with only one axle. The construction consists of a steel frame covered with aluminium. On the inside it has a finish of insulating material and panels. This construction is solid, strong and robust. This caravan can also safely be struck by lightning.