Basic ideas


The Robuust-caravan exists as a cause of the need for a combination of the ability to reside of a caravan and the ability to transport stuff of a closed trailer.These two functions are usable at the same time. Also the cargo space is large enough which means it will carry two motorcycles of four bicycles. Apart from that this caravan/trailer is a cheap solution by comparasion.


The concept of the combination of a caravan with a trailer is not new. Several caravan manufacturers have developed some models that are based on the same concept, but these models never really caught on. One of the reasons is that you canít use the caravan comfortably when the luggage/transport compartment is in use. The Robuust-caravan does do this comfortably.


When we were developing the Robuust-caravan we paid a lot of attention to the weight distribution (with and without a full luggage/transport compartment) which means that the Robuust-caravan handels very well behind a car.

The living part of the caravan is well thought out which makes it very compact. To sleep comfortably a double single bed (70 x 200 cm) with a slatted base and a quality matress has been chosen.These two beds can be used separately or combined. In the front of the caravan is a dinette, a small diner table with two small benches (in these benches are storage compartments). The table and benches can be rebuild so it becomes a bed for a child. The kitchen consists of a small gas cooker for two pans/kettles, a kitchen sink and a tap with cold water.The built-in fridge runs on electricity (12 v / 220v) and gas.


User experiences


The Robuust-caravan is a great choice for someone that sports and has to stay for a night on location. It is possible to be self-supporting: heater, fridge and the kitchen can be used without a connection to electricity.


Apart from that the Robuust-caravan is well suited for the active camper for small trips where you will use bicycles, motorcycles or other sports attributes.