Welcome! This is the website of Robuust-caravans, the caravan with the large garage and luggage compartment.



About Robuust-caravans


At Robuust-caravans we make hand built caravans on order. There are tree standard variations, with each the possibility to carry big sport attributes. It does this while maintaining the ability to sleep and reside.


The Robuust-caravan is truly unique by the separation of transport compartment and living compartment. This means that your stuff can be stored safe and dry without losing the ability to reside basic but comfortably inside at the same time. This concept is also ideal for stops at the side of the motorway, or a visit to a restaurant; the bicycles, scooters, karts, motorcycles, surfboards etc. are safely stored inside the caravan. In addition we make a simple model with one compartment. This compartment can be rebuild to a place to reside and sleep in just a few simple steps.


The caravan will be build on a chassis with one or two axles, dependant of the capacity of the transport/luggage compartment. The construction consists of a steel frame covered by aluminium and on the inside it's finished with insulating material and panels. This construction is solid and robust. The caravan is also safe when it gets struck by lightning.

As a cause of the robust construction and appearance this caravan has a very long lifespan, it's a lot of fun to use the caravan and when you potentially sell it, it will remain its value.


Is this concept something for you?


Visit this website to discover or this caravan/trailer is something for you. You can always contact us for further information.