Why would you choose a Robuust-caravan?


Holiday, sport activities and residence


When the first caravans appeared in the 1950's people thought it was a luxury 'home from home'. In this day and age a lot of people want to combine holiday with journeys and activities like making journeys on bikes, motorcycles, scooters or practice water sports.


There are also sports activities (outside of holidays) that involve staying at night. A Robuust-caravan makes sure that you don't have to worry. You can regulate your own meals and overnight, as well as the transport of your sports attribute.


With a Robuust-caravan you have a combination of the ability to reside of a caravan with the ability of transport of a closed trailer all at the same time! You can attach this caravan right to your car. This makes this caravan cheaper and easier to use compared to the combination of a van with a caravan or a camper with a trailer.


A model for you?


We have a couple of models where you can look at and give your preference. Modifications of these models can be applied after consultation with the us. All other wishes are negotiable.